by zelda mayer

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this is my first EP consisting of songs inspired by the worst year of my life. xenia, ohio is a wasteland just like me.


released November 15, 2015

thank you amar for helping me out always. thank you knell for rekindling our relationship. and thank you to anyone who has watched me cry this year.



all rights reserved


zelda mayer Boston, Massachusetts

hey, it's just me.

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Track Name: everything you left me when you left me
you left me with a storm
of things i didn't say
starting with:
i care and i cared that day

you left me a hurricane
when i watched you walk away
5 nights awake
and 10 drowsy days

these you left me
and ill try and let it fly
but i was the one who said goodbye
you'd never know the look in my eyes
cos you never turned around
to see me cry

you left me the lump in my throat
so now when i speak i almost choke
the burning in my head
each time i see my bed

you left me your pair of shoes
so your footsteps ill never lose
the laces, that tripped your words
your speech distant like flying birds


you left me with a storm
of things i didn't say
starting with:
i care and i cared that day

ending with:
ill try and i tried the entire way
ending with:
my lies that i don't still love you till this day
Track Name: couteau
i know ill take my time to come over again
just like i did before but slower than then
i remember the smell of your room in the night
your sheets pulled up past our chins, our heads screwed on tight

and i can't imagine you not in my life
but I'm not giving up I'm just gearing up for strife

but now its oh so different from the lives we used to have
your arms around my legs, my hands around your calves
what if i don't cross your mind as you lay in your bed
the bed we both used to share, is the memory already dead?

i don't know what id do if i knew
that you didn't think about me too
i would be fine with the world being blind
to all i do inside my mind
but the thought of you not seeing me try
wrings me to my core and hangs me out to dry

but im not giving up im just sharpening the knife
Track Name: a love to breathe
i can tell that we're different
that just makes us the same
you're drowning constantly
but no one calls your name

you dream of worlds
that you see in movies
a hand to hold
a love to breath

`and i can't help if you go away
and i can't help to make you stay

i tell you when we sing
we suspend reality
the eternity of time
vanishes suddenly

these days i
seem to slip away
i close my eyes
to then sleep through the day

and i can't help if you go away
and i can't help to make you stay

its been a long year id say
you count sheep just to pass through the day
but ill keep myself strong
if you keep holding on
its been a rough year i say
Track Name: lovesick
I'm safe by ur side
i don't worry
i just cry
skies have moved you away
but when low tide ends
there ill lay

please don't leave me
but ill be ok
i tell myself daily
its worthless to say
your breath on my neck
as we both lie still
your arms as my home
your love as my pill

i know if i searched the stars
i couldn't replace you
from the earth till mars
your smile like the beach at dawn
your eyes like honey
while i morning - yawn


worn down, like the teeth of a fight
your words come out heavy
as the air becomes night
she dies in her bed
the roots from daytime
grow in her head


the winter brings danger
the cold in my skin
your gaze like a pistol
as we watch him win
this season is brutal
without you by my side
fall apart in my bedroom
its free with the ride


your love makes me ill